Acarbose In The Treatment Of Diabetes Type 2

Acarbose Generic In India

The prevalence of Type 2 Diabetes is rapidly increasing all over the world which can be directly attributed to sedentary life style and diet. The situation is especially worse in Middle East and South Asian nations like India. This has lead to the development of various treatment options for Type 2 Diabetes in recent past like the usage of DPP-4 inhibitors or even interventional therapies like acarbose in the treatment of Type 2 Diabetes. Most of the diabetes management treatments focus on controlling sharp rise in post-prandial glucose level in the blood.

Type 2 diabetes and associated cardiovascular disease are among the top social and economic burden on above nations. In 2011 more than 10.9 billion US dollars were spent in the management of diabetes in USA whereas Middle East had to witness 2.8lacs of deaths attributed to type 2 diabetes. Incidence of Type-2 Diabetes is rising in India because of changes in socio-economic conditions, life style problems and rapidly increasing aging demography.  An approach to have a better glycemic control especially post-prandial levels can help reduce cardiovascular complications in diabetes patients. Reduction in cardiovascular deaths related to diabetes is a better indicator of impact of post-prandial glycemic control approach (DECODE Study Group, Arch Intern Med. 2001).Hence , the goal of controlling post-prandial glucose level has become an integral part of diabetes management so as to curb vascular complications and mortality associated with diabetes.

One of the recent findings documented acarbose an A-Glucosidase inhibitor to be beneficial in managing post prandial glucose level and reducing cardiovascular mortality (Holman et. al., Diabetes Care. 1999). Acarbose when used along with biguanides (e.g. Metformin) and sulfonylureas(Gliclazide, Glimepride etc.) lead to improved glycemic control in diabetic patients. Acarbose Mechanism of action is documented as it slows down the process of starch digestion in the small intestine and prevents sharp rise in post-prandial glucose level in the blood.

Another study conducted on 14,418 patients in Middle East shows very good glycemic control and HBA1c level with acarbose. There are various brands of acrabose available in market and dispensed only with a prescription. The price of acarbose brands in India may vary depending upon whether it is generic acarbose or branded one. Local pharmacies in India tend to sell acarbose brands at MRP and patients generally do not have the option to get generic alternative of acarbose. But now using any patient can find generic alternatives of Acarbose in India. However, any patient who shifts brands of any formulation is required to verify it with the doctor.

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