Contraceptive Pills Kill Sex Drive ?

contraceptive pills side effects

According to various studies female’s sexual satisfaction remain unaffected if she mates while she is taking contraceptive pills.

On the contrary women who stopped taking contraceptive pills during a relationship , they experience fall in sex desire. “Women who met there partner while taking the pill- as well as who had never used the pill at any point-reported greater satisfaction than those women who had begun or stopped using the pill during the course of relationship”, explained lead researcher Craig Roberts from University of Stirling in Scotland.

The study involved 365 couples and were examined how satisfied they are in their sexual and non-sexual aspect of their long-term relationship. The pill use throughout the relationship had a greater influence on sexual satisfaction levels than either simply being on the pill or not on being the pill, they found.

In addition to this, women’s history of pill use was also found to make no difference to their male partner’s relationship satisfaction in both sexual and non-sexual contexts.

According to Robert: “ The pill has been tremendously positive social force, empowering women and giving them greater control over their lives.

The findings of the study will help women understand why they might feel the way they do about their partner when they change use, Roberts said in the study published in the Psychological Sciences.

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