The pain in the knee is constantly happening in winter, so be careful … can cause trouble

pain in the knee

According to the doctor, people become lazy in winter. This can affect the knees and if you already have treatment of arthritis, then the pain can increase in that condition.  New Delhi: This prick of air in air increases the problem of elderly and arthritic patients. In this season, knee pain, stiffness and discomfort of […]

Addiction in Indian Youth Growing Rapidly- See Consequences

Rapidly growing addiction among Indian youth, suffering can read serious con

28.6% of India’s 130 million population consumes tobacco. Nearly 18.4 percent of youth eat not only tobacco but other dangerous substances like cigarettes, bidi, khaini, beetles, opium and ganja. NEW DELHI: Bad habits between the days of Bhagatudra, disorderly lifestyles, workload, and mental stress are increasing the problems of people in the present period, because […]