Kamasutra Ribbed Condoms

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  • Soft texture of the rubber makes you feel you are still in your own skin.
  • The design and fit uplifts you and your partner’s mood.
  • Non-sticky and resistance free
  • Prevent Sexually Transmitted Diseases and acts as a barrier.
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Condoms with power ribs for heightened pleasure during the intimate moments. With its unique power ribs, KamaSutra Ribbed condoms are bound to heighten the excitement between you and your partner! Like all other Kamasutra condoms brands , this new kamasutra ribbed condoms will give you immense pleasure during your heavenly moments with your partner .

You can opt as per your requirement and enjoy your intimate moments with  KamaSutra Ribbed condoms . Even the prices of  KamaSutra Ribbed condoms on SastiMedicine.com is available at discounted rates.

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Condom Use can prevent sexually transmitted diseases (STD) and unwanted pregnancy . So always Use Condoms before you go for a ride .

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