OneTouch SelectSimple Glucose Meter (FREE 10 Strips)

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  • FREE Strips -10
  • No-coding, no setup and no buttons
  • Colour and audio alerts

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One Touch Select Simple Glucometer Prices Buy Online OneTouch SelectSimple Glucometer by Johnson and Johnson is simple to learn and easy to use. There are no confusing buttons on One Touch Select Glucometer. The readings appear clear and bold on the wide screen. The useful features of this instrument such as no setup, no coding and alert features reduces reading errors and gives you the peace of mind in knowing the correct blood glucose levels. If your doctor recommended a change in medication during your last visit and you want to know how the medicine is taking effect, well, you just need to have the OneTouch SelectSimple Glucometer with you. You could monitor your sugar levels at the needed frequency and take corrective steps without wasting much time.

One touch SelectSimple has a visual and audio alert that clearly notifies you within 5 seconds if their blood glucose level is high or low.

  • Just insert the strip to start, apply blood, and results can be obtained in a matter of seconds
  • No-coding, no setup and no buttons
  • With colour and audio alerts, you are alerted when BG levels are extremely high, high or low
  • OneTouch SelectSimple Glucose Meter is lowest on . We are offering huge discount on most of the gluco meters available in the market . The price of Accu Chek strips is also not sky high , so you can buy OneTouch SelectSimple Glucose Meter and monitor your blood glucose level on routine basis without any extra cost to your medical expenses . Monitoring blood glucose level on routine basis helps to maintain a consistent blood glucose level .


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