Qionghua Flexible Knee Support- 1 Piece

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Premium Quality Knee Support
Protects Knee from Sprains & Injury
Easy to wear and fits on all sizes of knee.
Reduces pain & promotes rehabilitation.
Color for selection : Blue

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Qionghua Knee Support, with high flexibility and durable can provide good support to protect your knee from shocks and also helps in reducing knee joint pain in elders.Ideal for old age , for example, you or your parents who feel difficulty in walking due lack of knee support or pain in knees.

Suitable for sportsmen in basketball, tennis, badminton games. Besides, it is also a must have item in your first aid kit when you do outdoor activities, such as mountain hiking, jungle trekking and etc.


Material: Neoprene
Composition : Sponge, mercerized cloth To be effective in protecting the muscles around the knee
Knee support provides support and therapeutic warmth to the knee in an easy slip-on style.
Easy to wear and fits on all sizes of knee.
Retains therapuetic body heat to help ease pain and promote healing.
Color for selection : Blue

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