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Good Gum Health Could Help To Control Diabetes

Good Gum Health and Diabetes

Having healthy gums could help to manage diabetes, according to a new report. The research outlines a number of recommendations for dental professionals treating people with diabetes, as well as emphasising the importance of regular dental visits. The report highlights that there is ‘consistent and robust evidence’ that severe gum disease affects blood glucose levels […]

Foods That Help Sleep

Foods That Help Sleep

Do you suffer from lack of sleep. In medical terms it is called insomnia which requires medical treatment. But most of the times it is not insomnia but you are unable to sleep because of high level of stress or depression which can be managed even without medicines by changing your lifestyle or even diet. […]

Foods And Medicines For Cancer Patients !

Medicines Discount India

Cancer is really a scary term and no one wants any of her/his family members or friends suffer from cancer. Cancer is defined as an abnormal and uncontrolled growth of cells and tissues in the body. In medical terms cancer is defined as Malignant Neoplasm or Carcinoma. Generally the cancer cells grow rapidly and may […]

9 Foods To Avoid Before Going To Bed

food to avoid at night

One of the leading causes of sleeplessness is stress and anxiety. So our last meal of the day should not cause stress. What we eat in the dinner or just before bed can have direct effect on our sleeping patterns. While there are foods that can induce sleep like milk ,oats and banana , other […]

Malaria Mystery Solved By Scientists

malaria causes

Researchers have unlocked the long-standing mystery of how the malaria parasite initiates the process of passing from human to human. Using a battery of high-tech approaches, scientists from the University of Glasgow and the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, near Cambridge, have identified the factor  that the parasite must produce to begin the process of passing […]

Impact Of Rising US Dollar On Medicine Prices In India


In recent months declining rupee has fueled fears of further weakness in India’s economy especially sectors dependent on huge imports like metal, oil, consumer durables and also healthcare industry.  Albeit India is considered as ‘World’s Pharmacy’ due to its dominance in production of quality generic drugs and their exports to almost all the nations including […]