Editorial Policy

Medical and health information provided at Sastimedicine.com is composed and thoroughly edited by a team of qualified medical professional s . Sastimedicine editorial team comprises of experienced pharmacists, health writers, biotechnologists and clinical research analysts. The team has in-depth knowledge of writing and using medical content from research papers , clinical studies , drug catalogues , product inserts and recent medical publications/updates from sites like WebMD and Wikipedia.

At SastiMedicine.com we follow highest level of ethics for our content management in health categories and providing authentic, reliable and upto date medical information to our users.

Mr. Surjeet Singh

Vice-President Medical Affairs and Content Management

B.Sc.(Medical), D.Pharmacy

Er. Karmvir

Vice-President Data and Statistics Analyst

M.Tech (CSE/IT), B.Tech (CSE)

Mr. Rajesh Kumar

Senior Medical Editor and Content Specialist

M.Pharmacy, B. Pharmacy, D. Pharmacy

Mr. Sanjeev Kumar

Editor Bio-pharmaceutical and Nutrition

M.Tech (Food Processing & Nutrition), B.Tech (Biotechnology)