Drink water of copper utensils.

Drink water of copper utensils

Medical Sciences is taking a very keen interest in copper bacterial-destructive properties. There have been many experiments in the last few years and scientists have come to know that water has its own memory – it remembers everything that touches it.Due to its memory of water, we pay attention to how to put it in a vessel.

First make a habit of eating the right kind of food, then think of fasting. If you try to stop your desire to eat, then it will harm your body.

If you keep the water in the copper vessel for at least four hours or overnight, then itabsorbs some of the properties of copper .

Drink water from copper vessel. This water is especially good for your liver and generally for your health and strength. If the water reaches your house with the help of an iron or plastic pipe by rotating a number of turns with a high speed, then there is a lot of flaw in it due to passing through all these movements. But there is power in the water as well as the power to get back to its original form. If you keep this tap of water unheeded for an hour, then the blame automatically gets over.