If you are suffering from spine diseases, do not be disturbed! Adopt this way

spine diseases

Doctors say that there has been a lot of increase in spine related diseases in the country for the past few years.

If you are suffering from spine diseases, do not be disturbed!  Adopt this way

New Delhi: Doctors say that the spine diseases have increased in the country for the past few years and if regular exercise and medication are not available in six weeks, then minimally invasive spine (MIS) surgery is most effective. There is a safe technique, which can provide relief to the patient. Dr Sudip Jain, Director and Spine Surgeon, Spine Solutions India, said, “Most patients in spine-related diseases are suffering from uncomfortable pain in the waist and neck, stretching nerves and slip disks.

Exercise can also be obtained from this physical problem by doing regular exercise. But, it is very important that you have been facing this pain for long and at what level of discomfort is it? After regular exercise, even after getting rid of pain, the doctor can prescribe some medicines. “

He said, “If you do not get any comfort in six weeks of regular exercise and medicines, then only surgery remains the most effective and safe technique in spine surgery. The great feature is that the patient who arrived in the morning for spine surgery can go home by the evening. “

Dr. Sudip Jain said, “The time of treatment has passed, when the operation of the spine was very complicated and there was no guarantee of success. The victim was advised to take months’ bed rest and lifelong caution In today’s era, months of comfort and caution were kept away, since operation with MIS surgery technique, patients can return to normal life immediately after operation. “

He said that being careful, the risk of developing spine related diseases can be reduced. Avoid lifting excess weight, control weight, work in the right pocus on the computer, stay away from sitting in the long term, exercise regularly to strengthen the muscles.